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Glen Glass
MD State Delegate 34A
Harford County, MD


Legislative Accomplishments of Glen Glass

The People's Candidate

  • Blue Ribbon Award by Maryland Businesses For Responsive Government
    100% Perfect Roll Call Score
  • Recognized as a Patriotic Employer and Supporter by office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Passed a bill that gives tax breaks to small businesses who hire disabled veterans
  • Passed bills to give more hunting opportunity to sportsmen
  • Led the Referendum Effort in Harford County to get three bills on the Ballot
  • Introduced more bills than any Harford County Delegate
    70 Sponsored/ 387 Including Co-Sponsored, 42 passed
  • Leader/Sponsor of No Cost opt-out of Smart Meter Bills
    Visit www.marylandsmartmeterawareness.org or call my office for more info.